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5 Tips for Staying Warm in Your Home this Winter in Ottawa

As I glance at the screen on my MacBook to type this article, I notice my cold, ashy hands as they hit each key on the keyboard.  Winter in Ottawa - it’s cold! I’m not even exaggerating. I have CBC Radio One playing in the background at home as I write this and they just echoed my thoughts - we’ve had multiple days with temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees (Celsius) and record snowfalls. So, the timing can’t be better for these top five tips that I found to help keep your home warm this Winter. They will help ease the burden so that we can all tolerate the next couple months of this treacherous weather.

1. Open your blinds and drapes on sunny days and let that beautiful sunshine in

Take advantage of the free heat from the sun. Let nature’s heater warm up some rooms in your home so that you can turn your thermostat down a few notches and save on your heating bill. An added bonus is that the sunshine is great for your brain energy.  Just remember to close those blinds when the sun goes down so you can retain all the complimentary heat.

2. Check your windows and doors for drafts

You may be losing heat in certain areas in your home. Windows and patio doors may be the obvious areas (weather stripping is a good quick fix) but even electrical outlets and switches can be the cause of air leaks as well. For more information, Natural Resources Canada has a lot of great information on their website.

3. Replace your furnace filters

It is a good practice to always change your furnace filter every 3 months. A clean filter will help ensure all that nice warm air get out of your vents more efficiently. Not sure which filters to buy? Your home inspector could be a great resource for recommendations on which filter to use.

4. Reverse your ceiling fans

If you have a ceiling fan in your home, throw it in reverse. Running the fan clockwise will push the hot air down.

5. Warm yourself not just your space

To save on your heating bills, keep your thermostat lower at night when you are sleeping. An electric heating blanket will help keep you nice and toasty before bed. This also works on the couch while you are binge watching your favourite shows on Netflix. A pair of warm house slippers or moccasins are also great self-warmers.

Staying warm this Winter in Ottawa

It is recommended that you properly winterize your home during the Fall in preparation for Winter; however, this list is full of changes that you can still implement now and you can reap the benefits for the remainder of the season. Better late than never!

- Shamil Jessa


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