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Planning a Home Renovation?

Here are my 5 top home renovations that increase value.

If there was one thing we did to occupy ourselves during the pandemic, it was renovate some part of our home. It could have been something big like a kitchen or bathrooms or something less expensive like repainting a room or perhaps adding shelves or a gallery wall.

A question I often get before getting a home ready for sale is, "What work should get done?" My advice is to focus on the items which homebuyers may get distracted by first when viewing your home like dinged up baseboards or outdated light fixtures. Second, focus on the items that will increase the value of your home. If the renovation you are thinking about won't add any more money to an offer, why waste your time?

This list is subjective of course and that why these are my top 5 renos.

5. Curb Appeal

This is often forgotten but an important renovation as it is the first impression of your home. Some ideas to boost curb appeal can be as simple as a painting the front door and updating the door handle. Another would be adding planters or greenery. When I'm out showing homes to buyers, the ones that stand out are the ones that had great curb appeal. It also shows great pride of ownership.

4. Flooring

I remember when carpet was all the rage. It wasn't until I became a Realtor that I began to see homes that had beautiful hardwood floors under the carpet. I feel that hardwood flooring is the standard today and it's just getting innovated. Luxury vinyl tile and plank are becoming the newest trend and at a more economic price tag too. One notable criteria I hear often is no carpet when I am setting up home searches. Anything better than carpet can be tile, laminated, wood or luxury vinyl.

3. Paint

A coat of paint can really refresh a home, literally and figuratively. Homes get stale over time and nothing brings that new house smell back like a coat of fresh paint. Bold colour and accent walls are on trend again and rooms that are done well are showstoppers. Perhaps even be more

2. Bathrooms

This has to be an easy second place. We spend a lot more time than we think in the bathroom. Why not enjoy it. Bathrooms are super trendy right now. I personally just went through a bathroom reno last year and it is stunning. We chose matte black fixtures, walnut cabinets and quartz countertops. This is easily the second showstopper in our home.

1. The Kitchen

You may have heard of the expression, "The kitchen is the heart of the home." Well it truly is. It's where we may spend most of our day enjoying food, cooking, conversations and entertaining. A fully renovated kitchen can almost return 100% on your investment. Careful you don't go too crazy here with materials that are over the top. Keep it trendy and economical. There are different brands of quartz that are fraction of the cost. They still look the same and serve its purpose.


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