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Shamil Jessa

Positive gains in July's stable market

It’s been a hot summer in the nation’s capital and the Ottawa real estate market has continued to exhibit resilience throughout the year. As July 2023 drew to a close, a closer look at the latest statistics reveals intriguing trends that shed light on the evolving landscape of property transactions in the region.

Freehold-Class Properties Showcase Resilient Growth

With an average sale price of $754,188, the market experienced a noteworthy 5% increase from the same period in 2022. Moreover, this figure reflects a modest yet encouraging 1% rise over the prices recorded in June 2023. The steady upward trajectory of freehold property prices suggests a strong demand for traditional homeownership, underpinned by factors such as Ottawa's stable economy and attractive quality of life.

Condominium-Class Properties: A Tale of Mixed Trends

In contrast to the consistent growth seen in freehold properties, the average sale price for condominium-class properties demonstrated a more nuanced story. Recording an average price of $435,094, the market experienced a commendable 2% increase from the previous year. However, it's important to note that this figure falls slightly short of the prices witnessed in June 2023, showing a 3% decrease. This fluctuation could be attributed to a variety of factors, including shifts in buyer preferences and adjustments in supply-demand dynamics.

Year-to-Date Averages Reveal Comparative Insights

The year-to-date data offers a comprehensive overview of the market's performance, enabling us to gauge the broader trends that have shaped the Ottawa real estate landscape throughout 2023. For freehold-class properties, the average sale price for the year stands at $735,103, representing a notable 9% decrease compared to the same period in 2022. Similarly, condominium-class properties witnessed a 6% decrease in average sale prices, settling at $433,447. These figures underline the evolving market conditions and highlight the potential impact of external factors such as changing interest rates and economic shifts.


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