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5 essential steps for getting your home ready to sell

We had a photoshoot recently for a new listing and it got me thinking about the best steps which should be taken for getting a home ready to sell. Here is my top 5 list of essential steps - Spoiler alert: Having professional photos taken is number 5!

1. List your home at the right price. Incorrectly pricing your home is doing it a disservice. A well executed strategy will net you more money. This means knowing certain things such as absorption rates, what similar homes are selling for not just on your street but in surrounding neighbourhoods, and analyzing the supply and demand of the market.

2. Work with a Realtor. They are involved in the market everyday. They know from experience the perfect recipe that is required to sell your home for top dollar in any market. They only get paid when your home sells and they will pay the listing costs (marketing, etc) up until that point. Just because the market is doing well doesn’t mean that listing on your own will result in the best price.

3. Depersonalize and declutter. Making your home neutral for home buyers will allow them to visualize themselves living in your space more easily. The best example is a model home at a new home builder site.

4. Hire a home stager. Homes that are staged well sell for more money. Stagers know exactly what a home needs to look like inside and out to maximize a buyers interest. This can be as simple as choosing the right colours, furniture placement and choosing accessories that will excite a buyer as they walk through your home.

5. Use professional photography. The internet is where most, if not all, home buyers begin their search. Make a great first impression with beautiful sharp photos that will really show off your home.

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