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Real Estate During Covid-19

Hey everyone 👋🏼, I hope you are all safe and well! It’s wild that it has now been over a month since we entered into this unprecedented time in our lives. Everyone has been dealing with this pandemic in different ways and the information/guidance that we receive can change daily.

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how the real estate industry has been changing and adapting in light of COVID-19. I feel like this post is overdue, but it’s better late than never. Here are a few health and safety precautions you should know if you are planning to buy or sell a home in the near future🏡😷:

- Real estate offices remain closed to the public to keep everyone safe - Appointments can be carried out digitally (where possible)

- No traditional open houses taking place (Virtual and live viewings available online)

- 3D walkthroughs available on many listings (You are virtually there in the home)

- Property visits are limited to shorter time limits and a limited number of visitors

- Physical viewings are pre-equipped to have: sanitizing wipes available, lights already turned on, and inside doors already open, so as to limit touching anything at all

- Documents can be electronically signed (we have all been doing this for some time now)

- Inspections and appraisals are being adapted to be done virtually as well. Some inspectors are still carrying out physical inspections, but only while exercising strict safety precautions

- Lawyers are adapting their practises to make the closing process as virtual as possible

I will continue to share more insights on how COVID-19 is affecting current and potential homeowners in future posts. Stay safe and please practice the appropriate social distancing should you need to go outside your home.🤓


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